All about the rainy season in Thailand

Monsoon season period: From 1st May to 31st October

Almost everyone planning to travel to Thailand during the rainy season fears that his trip will end up being a disaster because of the rain. People hears the word monsoons and panic. They imagine a 24h non-stop rain covering the whole country and that’s just fiction.

rainy season

How bad REALLY is the rainy season in Thailand?

Actually not that much.

During the rainy season in Thailand it rains many days per week usually are short and intense rains that are not that huge problem. In most destinations, tourist can still enjoy they activities and tours. Probably where people worries the most is on the islands.

Will rain ruin their time in the beach? Well, rarely does. Most people tha travels to Thailand during monsoon season still enjoys the beach and the islands because normally rains are in very early morning or late afternoon.

Thailand Average Rainfall

Thailand Average Rainfall

🧭 The theory during rainy season says that:

(Obviously it is a trend that can fail)

Center of Thailand

In Bangkok it rains especially in September, although you can find rains from May to October.

North of Thailand

In Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai it is similar to Bangkok but with less intensity.

South West of Thailand

On the Andaman coast (Phuket, Krab, Similan, etc.) it rains from May to October, especially in August and September. Although most people who go on those dates enjoy it the same or more –There are fewer tourists and it is cheaper! -.

South East of Thailand

The coast of the Gulf of Thailand (Koh Samui, Koh Phangan and Koh Tao) is the most suitable to go in August, since according to statistics it does not rain much. The months when it rains the most are October, November and December.

Maybe up to here you have enough and you can plan your trip. But if your doubts continue or you want to know more detail, I invite you to continue reading, to see more complete information, with data from some important cities and towns, representative of different areas of the country.

🌤️ Which cost or island is better to visit during Rainy Season?

This is one of the most frequent concerns among travelers who wonder what the weather is like in Thailand.

The beaches are, for many, the most interesting attraction in the country, and they are recommended as a final destination on a trip to Thailand: relaxing on its white sands, in the shade of a palm tree or swimming in the transparent water of the sea.

Thailand southern coast

When we talk about beaches we are talking mainly about southern Thailand.

Broadly speaking, two important areas are distinguished:

  • The Gulf of Thailand (where Koh Samui, Koh Tao, etc. are located).
  • The Andaman Sea (where Krabi, Phuket, Phi Phi, etc. are located).

Fortunately, the rainy season on both coasts occurs at different times of the year. .

Here we show you a comparison of the weather in Thailand and its rainfall, which will surely help you plan your trip.

Andaman Sea

Average Rain in Phuket (mm)

Gulf of Thailand

Average Rain in Koh Samui (mm)

Andaman Sea

Average Rain in Phuket (mm)

Gulf of Thailand

Average Rain in Koh Samui (mm)

Andaman Sea (Best: November to February)

  • The best time to travel to destinations in the Andaman Sea is between November and February.
  • In March the rains double, but you can still go without worrying too much.
  • In April the rains are more frequent.
  • Between June and October, in particular the last three months of this period, the probability of finding precipitation is higher.

Gulf of Thailand (Best: January to April and May to September)

  • The weather in the Gulf of Thailand shows little rainfall in the months of January to April (although in the first three it is still rainier than the Andaman Sea).
  • Rainfall increases a bit in the months of May to September, but they are still a good beach destination.
  • The probability of precipitation increases dramatically in the months of October, November (the rainiest month), and December.

In summary, if you come between November and February, the Andaman Sea is more convenient, because of the time of Thailand in this area. On the other hand, if you travel between April and September, the Gulf of Thailand will be more favorable. In October you will have a similar probability of rainfall.